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Looking for Halloween candy?

10/20/2014 - Before you head to the store - take a look at this list for Union made candy! It's important that we spend our money at establishments with Union labor so that we can help support those jobs. Speaking of going to the store - I presume you're buying your Halloween candy at your nearby Union grocery store, right? Here in Indiana, if you head to a Kroger, Jay C, Pay Less Supermarket, or an Owen's Market, chances are very good that you're supporting Union jobs in your community.

Union Membership Pays!

10/15/2014 - Are you aware of all of the benefits you are eligible for by being a Member of IBEW Local 1393? Not only do you have better wages, benefits, and working conditions then your non-union counterparts, but you are also eligible to take advantage of the great programs over at Union Plus.

You can find savings on a new Union made car or truck, travel discounts, a mortgage with strike/lockout benefits and more!

News about Area Wide Protective...

09/29/2014 - The employees of Area Wide Protective in Indiana will soon get their chance to make their voice heard!

An election will be conducted through the mail. If you run into any of these Future Members - direct them to www.ibewlocal1393.com/awp/.


09/16/2014 - Today a petition was filed to seek representation for Area Wide Protective employees. A majority of the employees have signed "Authorization for Representation" cards allowing IBEW Local 1393 to start the process of assisting these Future Members as they seek a collective voice of reason with their employer. Everyday, somewhere within our jurisdiction, our Future Brothers & Sisters are watching our backs by providing traffic control as our line construction/utility crews are working. It's now our turn to help take care of them. For those of you who do work with these Future Members, please speak with them about the benefits that you enjoy as a union member, such as:

1) A contract between them, and their employer that outlines wages, benefits and working conditions.

2) That contract stops the company from taking things away on a whim.

3) It is their right to seek representation regardless of what Area Wide Protective wants.

What's the next step? The NLRB will conduct a vote of Area Wide Protective employees. Between now and when that vote happens (usually within 60 days) - our Future Brothers & Sisters will likely be facing a storm of opposition from their employer. Scare tactics, lies, and myths are a common occurrence during this time. Remind them to stay strong and let them know that the 2600 Members of IBEW Local 1393 will stand with them.

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