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Heat Sickness is Preventable:

07/14/16 - “Heat can kill,” warned the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, David Michaels, as he kicked off the agency’s summer campaign raising awareness of heat-related illnesses. “Dozens of workers die from heat exposure every year. Every heat-related death we investigate was preventable.”

Each year, over 200 workers are hospitalized while working in hot conditions and in 2014 alone more than 2,600 reported suffering from heat stroke or exhaustion.

“Sometimes workers are unable to realize that they’re suffering through a heat-related illness,” IBEW Director of Safety and Health David Mullen said. “When they finally realize it, it’s too late.”

OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention Campaign aims to remind workers to drink water every 15 minutes and rest in the shade to cool down.

Symptoms of heat stroke include red, hot and dry skin, high body temperature, confusion and body convulsions. Indicators for heat exhaustion include dizziness, headaches, weakness, cramps and nausea.

“When you can identify the symptoms, you’re not only keeping yourself safe, you’re keeping all of your co-workers safe.” Mullen said.

These warning signs can afflict anyone who works in extreme heat, with the most at risk group being new workers.

“Fatalities most often occur to workers that have been on the job only a few days or less,” Michaels said, because it takes time to become acclimated to work environments.

Those working outdoors, in spaces where temperatures are not regulated and around hot machinery are most susceptible, though workers who frequently move between hot and cool environments can experience the adverse effects of heat as well.

The IBEW’s Safety and Health webpage, ibew.org/Safety-Health, contains a list of ways to protect members from heat-related illness. OSHA’s water-rest-shade campaign site, osha.gov/heat, also offers information along with training modules and worksite posters. The site also contains a Heat Safety Tool app for the Android and iOS platforms, which calculates the heat index for individual worksites and displays a risk level to outdoor workers.

Every heat related death is preventable. Stay safe this summer by arming yourself with the knowledge to prevent heat-related illnesses.

Source: http://www.ibew.org/media-center/Articles/16Daily/1607/160713_OSHA_Heat


Reminder - Charity Golf Outing on July 16, 2016!

07/05/16 - The money raised will benefit the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health which is one of only 64 burn centers in the United States that is verified by the American College of Surgeons and the American Burn Association. Regarded as one of the finest and most progressive burn centers in the United States, the facility utilizes the most advanced medical techniques and equipment available in the treatment of burns. It was the first burn center in the state and is the only adult burn center that serves Central and Southern Indiana. The Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health, located on the fourth floor of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in downtown Indianapolis.

Please plan on joining us for this great event. We still have a few spots open! Contact the Hall for details and click here to download the form.

Friendly competition at the 2016 Duke Energy Midwest Lineman's Rodeo:

06/28/16 - The annual rodeo hosts Duke Energy linemen from the midwest (IBEW 1393 & 1347) in a series of challenges to see who's the best. Check out the video from the event below:


We're continuing to accept clothing and items for the Randolph family:

06/21/16 - Thank you to our Members and those of other Locals in the state that have assisted the family. Those donations made it to the family on Monday evening. We expect to make another delivery by this Friday.

Looking to help Brother Randolph's family? See Below:

06/13/16 - Brother Randolph's surviving wife (Laken), and Children (Piper, Caroline, & Rhett) are in need of clothing and shoes. Items may be collected and given to your Union Steward. Please have these items turned over to your Steward by Friday, June 17.

A flyer may be downloaded by clicking here. 

Union Stewards: Contact Michael Miller (Local 1393’s Organizer) at 317-670-0063 by the evening of Friday, June 17 to coordinate pickup of donations. Donations will likely be picked up on Sunday and/or Monday, so make sure to have the donated items accessible.

Clothing sizes are listed below:

Laken (Mother):

Shirts - Small (loose fit) & Medium (fitted)
Pants: Small or 2/4

Piper (Daughter):

Shirts - 7/8
Pants - 7/8
Shoes - 2

Caroline (Daughter):

Shirts - 2T/3T
Pants - 2T/3T
Shoes - 7T

Rhett (Son):

Shirts - 2T/3T
Pants - 2T/3T
Shoes - 7T

Local 1393 Mourns the Loss of Jarrod Randolph

06/13/16 – Brother Randolph was 27, a Member of IBEW Local 1393 and an employee at Vectren Energy. He was from Mitchell, IN and worked in Bloomington, IN. He perished in a house fire very early Saturday morning on June 11, 2016. His wife, Laken, and three young children, Piper, Caroline, & Rhett, were able to escape the blaze safely. The visitation will be held from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM this Tuesday, with the funeral service at 11:00 AM this Wednesday.


The funeral home is:

Day & Carter Mortuary
1133 Lincoln Ave.
Bedford, IN 47421


A fund has been started to assist his surviving spouse and three children with expenses. The contact person at the bank is Teresa Holler. Information for the fund is below:


Jarrod Randolph Fund
Bedford Federal Savings Bank
P.O. Box 368
2955 John A Williams Blvd.
Bedford, IN 47421
(812) 278-3132


Jarrod’s obituary may be found here: http://daycarter.com/tribute/details/2899/Jarrod-Randolph/obituary.html


Local Witnesses Fourth Generation IBEW 1393 Journeyman Lineman

06/11/16 - On the same evening of our executive board meeting each month, is an opportunity for our apprentices to take their journeyman’s exam. It’s always a special time for the apprentices topping out, but this last time it was a little extra special for one of them.

Some things are common in families. Maybe it’s that quirky trait, or other times it might be a shared hobby such as hunting or fishing that is so irresistible, other’s might say it’s just in your blood. For the Breeden family, it’s all about being IBEW Linemen. The family tradition began when Frank Breeden joined Local B-9 in 1935 (Local 1393 was formed out of B-9 in 1944). Our records indicate that Frank retired from Local 1393 on January 1, 1970. In 1952, Frank’s son, William, started with our local. He passed the Journeyman’s exam on June 16, 1955 and retired in 1990. William’s son, Michael Breeden, was a lineman with Duke Energy from 1974-2012. Michael has two sons which are lineman through our Local. Jay, which passed his exam on June 18, 2015, and William, which passed his exam on May 19, 2016. William also took over duties as Steward for the Loogootee District Office (Duke Energy).

William’s brother, his father, and his grandfather were all present for the moment that Will passed his examination, and earned the title, Journeyman Lineman. It was a special moment for all to witness. To see such a dedication to both the craft, and to the Union ideals, is quite a sight. We hope to see family traditions such as this continue for many years to come.


Savings for Union Members only:

06/03/16 - Did you know of the many discounts to Union Members only that are available through Union Plus? Discounts on financial services, vehicle purchases, new wireless phone plans, & travel discounts are just the beginning.

New Transformer Delivered North of Bloomington

5/25/16 - A new 200,000 pound transformer was delivered to the joint Duke Energy/Hoosier Energy substation last week. The delivery was a multi-step process and included delivery by rail to Martinsville, IN, where it was then loaded on a special self-propelled platform trailer and transported to the substation two days later. The delivery required the assistance of the Indiana State Police to facilitate traffic control.

How safe is your employer?

05/19/16 - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced sweeping new public disclosure requirements for workplace injuries and illnesses on May 11, ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability for employers who were previously able to hide safety records from employees, investors and the general public.

Under the old law, OSHA required employers in high-hazard industries to keep a record of injuries and illnesses, but little if any of that information ever became public or was even reported directly to the agency.

Employers were only obligated to file an annual summary of incidents, which provided little useful information. The new rule takes those requirements a step further, modernizing the reporting system and increasing transparency by making the new data publicly available on the internet.

“We welcome this new OSHA rule as a positive step toward holding employers accountable for workplace safety problems,” said IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. “Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, ‘Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants,’ and that holds true for employers’ safety records just as it does for restaurants’ sanitation ratings or campaign donation disclosures. More information helps consumers, employees and citizens make better-informed choices.”

Regulators hope the new rule will lead not just to better reporting and research on workplace injuries, but to employers taking active steps to protect their workers on the job. Government statistics show that more than 3 million workers suffer a workplace injury or illness every year.

“High injury rates are a sign of poor management,” said David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health, in announcing the new rule. “No employer wants to be seen publicly as operating a dangerous workplace.

“Our new reporting requirements will ‘nudge’ employers to prevent worker injuries and illnesses to demonstrate to investors, job seekers, customers and the public that they operate safe and well-managed facilities,” Michaels said.

In addition to the disclosure requirements, the new rule also strengthens protections for employees so that those who report injuries and illnesses can do so without fear of retaliation.

“The beefed-up employee protections are especially important to the accuracy of these reports,” said IBEW Director of Safety David Mullen. “Too many employers claim to have a culture of safety when their policies really serve to discourage reporting of injuries and illnesses. OSHA has really gone a long way here to make sure accidents are reported accurately and that the data is made available to the public.”

The new requirements take effect on August 10, with data submissions phased in starting in 2017. OSHA and researchers will be eagerly awaiting the results, which should create the largest publicly available data set on workplace injuries and illnesses.

“Access to injury data will help OSHA better target compliance assistance and enforcement resources, and enable ‘big data’ researchers to apply their skills to making workplaces safer,” Michaels said.

“That’s a great thing for everyone,” said Stephenson. “We hope this new rule will lead to a lot more information about why accidents happen and to better ways to prevent them in the future. Every working person deserves to come home as healthy as they were when they left for the job.”



Thanks to our Generation Members:

05/09/16 - Many of our members work in Generating Stations. These members do vital work in providing generation capacity to the grid not only here in Indiana, but throughout the Midwest.

The work is performed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Often, the work hours are long. A twelve hour shift is a typical work day. Shifts are rotating, so our members may be working days on one week, and nights the next. The work conditions are rarely pleasant. High heat and humidity, combined with high noise levels, can make for a very long day inside the dimly lit, dusty and damp power plant.

Tool Promotion Assists our Apprentices:

05/06/16 - Milwaukee Tools is running a promotion that if you purchase some select tools from them, they'll donate some free products to our training center!

Contact Nick Discolo for more information at (571) 733-6576 or Nick.Discolo@milwaukeetool.com.

We mourn with IBEW Local 369:

04/29/16 - We regret to inform everyone that IBEW Local 369 (Louisville, KY) has lost Justin Miller, a Line Clearance A Trimmer on April 18, 2016. He worked for Asplundh Tree Expert Company. Justin tragically lost his life when he was electrocuted while trimming a tree in Whick, Kentucky. Justin was 23 years old. He is survived by his wife Delanna Miller, son Justin Wayne Miller and daughter Kyndell Miller. Local 369 has set up a memorial fund to help Justin's family in their time of need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please mail your donations to:
Beacon Credit Union
Attn: Justin Miller Memorial Fund Acct.# 122004
7910 National Turnpike
Louisville, Ky 40214

The Senate has passed the first comprehensive, bipartisan energy bill since 2007:



The Members look to ride again for charity in 2017:

04/21/16 - The charity motorcycle ride to benefit the families of patients at the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health was a great success! Over $500 was raised for our first ever event!

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. The ride begun at IndyWest Harley Davidson, with our first stop at the American Legion in Martinsville. From there, the riders took scenic Route 252 on the way to Brown County to stop at the Pine Room Tavern. Our next stop was at the Bloomington Harley Davidson, which graciously gave away a few shirts to the participants. Our final stop was at a picnic shelter overlooking beautiful Lake Monroe for a cook out. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to holding another (and bigger!) event next year. A great big thank you to the volunteers that made this event possible!

Coming up on July 16th, there will be a golf scramble in Fishers, IN that will also benefit the families of patients at the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center! Go to www.ibewlocal1393.org/#golf2016 to register.


Today is our 72nd Anniversary!

04/21/16 - Those seventy two years have seen the Local fight corporate greed and protect the Members’ livelihood. We have continued to show that our Members provide the best value in the industry with quality training and strong safety practices. Within the last few years, the Local has seen many changes to continue the march forward. There has been a significant increase in communication to the Membership utilizing tools such as email/texting services, a brand new web site, and social media. During this time the Local has also become involved in supporting community events as well as reaching out to our schools to educate students about union ideals and career opportunities in our industry.


Our beginnings as Local 1393:

04/20/16 - Our 1st Business Manager was a man by the name of Edwin Sager. We don't know much about him, but it's believed that he was from Terre Haute.

The location of our 1st Union Hall was at 130 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN. We had a room on the 11th floor of the building. Pictured is the building as it appeared in 1946.

How have we grown?

04/19/16 - Local Union 1393 was chartered on April 21st, 1944. The Local was granted jurisdiction over electric light and power, and all outside electrical construction work by then International President E.J. Brown. Since that time, we've grown to represent over 2700 Members at multiple companies covered by over 35 Collective Bargaining Agreements.


It's our 72nd anniversary this week as Local 1393!

04/18/16 - Seventy two years ago, leading up to an election petition for Public Service Company of Indiana (today known as Duke Energy Indiana) Local 1393 was formed into it's own. Prior to this, we were originally part of IBEW Local 9, which dates back to January 14th, 1892. We were then known as Local B-9.



Charity Golf Outing on July 16, 2016!

04/18/16 - The money raised will benefit the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health which is one of only 64 burn centers in the United States that is verified by the American College of Surgeons and the American Burn Association. Regarded as one of the finest and most progressive burn centers in the United States, the facility utilizes the most advanced medical techniques and equipment available in the treatment of burns. It was the first burn center in the state and is the only adult burn center that serves Central and Southern Indiana. The Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health, located on the fourth floor of the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital in downtown Indianapolis.

Please plan on joining us for this great event. There will be a limit of 144 golfers, which will fill fast. Register early to secure your spot. You may download the form by clicking here. Forms and payments must be returned to the Union Hall by June 17, 2016.

Robert C. Fox
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
IBEW Local #1393
3645 S. East Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227


High Voltage DC is coming to the midwest:

04/11/16 - It's a rather uncommon sight to see high voltage DC lines in the midwest, but they're coming. IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson recently issued the following statement regarding the Plains and Eastern Clean Line:

“The transmission project will have the capacity to deliver 4,000 megawatts of low-cost, clean wind energy... That’s enough electricity to power more than one million homes annually. 

“That not only means more affordable, clean energy for America. It means thousands of good construction and maintenance jobs, which will give the region a needed economic boost. 

“The Energy Department recognizes that our nation desperately needs billions of dollars in new investment in our electrical infrastructure, which can lower costs and provide millions of people easy access to alternative, non-carbon emitting energy sources such as wind and solar.

“As the president of the largest union of electrical workers in North America, I am committed to working with lawmakers, community activists and business leaders to build an energy infrastructure that will power the American economy in the 21st century."

We have a similar project that will be terminating in the Sullivan, IN area, called the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. The construction is being done by IBEW Members through PAR Electric.


Where the IBEW was born:

04/04/16 - The IBEW museum project going on with Local 1 in St. Louis is well underway. Extensive work has been required to repair the building in which Henry Miller lived during the forming of the NBEW, which is today known as the IBEW. For more information about the project, check out the following links:





New Department of Labor Rule to provide transparency when Union Busters are used during organizing drives:

03/28/16 - Did you know that employers can often employ third-party consultants - known as Union Busters - to craft anti-union messages without workers’ knowledge?

To increase the transparency of these relationships, the U.S. Department of Labor will be clarifying section 203 of the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA). In the coming months, these employer-consultant agreements—commonly called “persuader agreements”—are required to be reported, in addition to the information commonly reported by unions on organizing expenditures.

While the rule takes effect on April 25, 2016, it will be start to be applicable to arrangements, agreements, and payments made on or after July 1, 2016.

“With workers having a better understanding of the true source of persuader communications, worker-supervisor and other workplace relationships are likely to proceed more smoothly no matter what is decided regarding union representation,” said Office of Labor-Management Standards Director Michael Hayes.

Previously, the LMRDA contained a loophole whereby employers were allowed to hire consultants without workers’ knowledge—as long as the consultants did not directly contact employees. Now, reporting is required on “actions, conduct or communications that are undertaken with an object, explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly, to affect an employee’s decisions regarding his or her representation or collective bargaining rights.”

“This new rule will allow workers to know whether the messages they’re hearing are coming directly from their employer or from a paid, third-party consultant,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. “Full disclosure of persuader agreements gives workers the information they need to make informed choices about how they pursue their rights to organize and bargain collectively. As in all elections, more information means better decisions.”

To find out more information on the final rule, click here to visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s website.


Sign up soon for the Motorcycle Benefit Ride!

03/10/16 - Check out these awesome shirts that are given only to those who register for our Motorcycle Benefit Ride supporting the Eskenazi Health Burn Center! The ride happens on April 16th, 2016 and starts in Plainfield, IN. We'll have multiple stops including a scenic trip through Brown County with a cookout when we finish up in Bloomington, IN. There is a door prize at the cookout, and one of our stops is at a Harley Davidson dealership that is giving away some goodies as well.

Click here to sign up!

1st Annual Motorcycle Benefit Ride!

02/29/16 - The RENEW Committee of IBEW Local 1393 has been hard at work organizing a charity motorcycle ride to benefit the families of patients at the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health. The event will take place on Saturday, April 16th. The registration fee will be $50 per rider and you'll receive a shirt and a pin for participating in the event. You must register by March 31st!

Click here to register!


IBEW Local 1393 forms a Motorcycle Riding Group:

02/26/16 - The winter weather will soon be coming to an end, and with the warmer temperatures approaching many of our Members will be opening their garages and getting out their motorcycles.

Those machines for many are ways to escape the stresses of our work, and to form bonds of friendship with other riders. With this in mind, our Local has been seeking some assistance from Local 3 (New York City, NY) which has had a motorcycle group for over 20 years. This is a trend that has been happening at a lot of Locals across the United States as the Members look for a way to ride together.

A few Members in the Ft. Wayne area have taken the initiative to oversee the group. You can find their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Ibew1393MotorcycleGroup/?fref=ts


Asplundh Tree negotiations for this week have been delayed:

02/16/16 - We had negotiations scheduled for Asplundh Tree Members that work on Indiana & Michigan Power property scheduled for today, the 16th, and they have been delayed until March 29th. Some of the company representatives were unable to make it due to weather delays in other parts of the United States.

The negotiations scheduled for Asplundh Tree Members that work on Heartland REMC property were scheduled for February 18th. They have been delayed until March 30th due to a death in the family of one of the company representatives this week.


Upcoming Motorcycle Charity Ride

02/11/16 - We're planning a charity ride for April 16th starting in Plainfield and finishing at Lake Monroe. Proceeds will benefit families of patients at the Richard M. Fairbanks Burn Center at Eskenazi Health. More information is coming soon!


Scholarship for Union families:

01/28/16 - For the past 22 years, Union Plus has distributed over 3.7 million scholarship dollars to working families. This year's scholarship application is available until January 31, 2016. Head to UnionPlus.org/Scholarship to learn more and apply. 


We're on our way!

01/21/16 - Approximately 250 of our Members in Construction are now preparing, or already on their way, to the east coast to assist with the incoming winter storm that is set to make a large impact for much of the eastern United States. That number is likely to grow as Members that work for electric utility companies in the state may be sent to assist as well. We look forward to their safe return!


Safety improves under the IBEW's Code of Excellence program:

01/19/16 - As IBEW members, we take on-the-job excellence seriously...

The Code of Excellence is turning heads around the industry. Our work leaves no margin for error and no room for mistakes. We’re the best – thanks to our Code of Excellence

The IBEW’s Code of Excellence program ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to a job. Our unique approach, a partnership jointly administered by both labor and management, allows our Members to be more productive. Emphasis is placed on communication, leading to increasing returns on worker productivity, job site efficiency and accountability.

Being competitive is about more than just wages and compensation. It’s also about efficiency and accountability. Through classroom training and continuing education, each worker has a clearly defined role and conduct expectation on each job site.

Each Member in the IBEW is expected to adhere to the strictest standards of professionalism. This creates increased confidence about the value provided by IBEW workers and signatory contractors.

By setting clear standards of conduct, accountability procedures and working to educate members, IBEW workers and their employers are the best value in the business.

Check out this video about FPL's decrease in accidents due to the Code of Excellence program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmdGxF1rqvM


Union Plus has a mortgage program for all life stages:

01/11/16 - Whether you’re looking to downsize your home, relocate to a warmer climate or initiate improvements to make your home more comfortable, check out the mortgage program built for Union Members here. Active and retired Members are eligible!


From the Founder of the Nation's Labor Law:



Upcoming Election for Dubois County REC!

12/21/15 - Coming up on January 8th, 2016, there will be an election held for employees of Dubois County REC to decide if they want to join IBEW Local 1393! The election will be held at the Company's training center from 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM. We're looking forward to welcoming this group to the IBEW Local 1393 family. 


Shopping for your friends and loved ones?

12/14/15 - Find information on Union made gifts here: http://www.aflcio.org/Blog/Other-News/Holiday-Gift-Shopping-Check-Out-These-Union-Made-in-America-Ideas


A great quote for the day:





Did you know that you can get a Union Member only roadside assistance plan?

11/30/15 - Union Plus Motor Club specializes in emergency roadside assistance. You can count on fast, friendly and reliable service anywhere in the US and Canada, anytime of the day, 365 days a year for you and your family for $69 per year.
Visit unionplusmotorclub.com to sign up!


New Members joining the Brotherhood!

11/17/15 - We're excited to extend our welcome to our newest Brothers at Asplundh Tree Expert Co. that work on Heartland REMC property. Their election was tonight and 100% of those that participated in the election voted to join!


To all of our United States Veterans:

11/11/15 - 


Important info for Asplundh Tree Expert Company employees on Heartland REMC property:

11/03/15 - Your election is right around the corner! You'll be voting at the Huntington Public Library on Tuesday, November 17th, from 5:45 pm to 7:30 pm. You'll be receiving notices in the mail soon from the National Labor Relations Board.

An election was filed for Asplundh Tree Expert Company employees that work on Heartland REMC property!

10/26/15 - The first step for a Future Member to show interest in joining IBEW Local 1393, is to sign "Authorization for Representation" card. This is the beginning of how a group of employees can take matters into their own hands and have the strength of being in a group, backed by the nearly 3000 Members of Local 1393 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Once there is a sufficient showing of interest from a group, the Local files a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to start the process of being able to assist these Future Members.

New Discount Now Available!

10/19/15 - As a Member of IBEW Local 1393, you can now get a discount at the Carhartt factory store in Greenwood, IN! The discount is as follows:

10% Discount on FR clothing

15% Discount on non-FR clothing

All you need to do is to show proof of membership (like a dues receipt, for example).

Move Over, Slow Down:

10/12/15 - Check out this video from the Indiana State Police & INDOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7enyx7RPF0

(Indiana Code Section 9-21-8-35-c)

To protect emergency and highway personnel, Indiana law requires motorists to approach cautiously when an emergency vehicle is stopped on two or four lane roadways with emergency lights flashing.

Change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if you can do so safely. If not, reduce your speed 10 mph under the posted speed limit and proceed with caution. Motorists should NOT STOP in the roadway, this may cause a chain reaction rear end collision with other vehicles. Do MOVE OVER and/or SLOW DOWN. As you are driving, plan well ahead by watching for these vehicles:

• Police vehicles 
• Ambulances 
• Fire trucks and rescue equipment 
• Highway incident-response vehicles 
• Highway maintenance vehicles
• Utility service vehicles (effective July 1, 2010)
• Vehicle recovery equipment (tow trucks)

Violating the law can result in a fine and your license will be suspended up to 2 years if you cause damage to emergency equipment, injury or death to an emergency worker.

Even though Indiana's Move Over Laws state that motorists must move over and yield for only emergency vehicles, drivers should always be courteous to those who are broken down on the shoulder. Give them room so that they can safely repair their vehicles. Be a courteous driver and help prevent tragedies.

Got your eye on a new union made car or truck?

09/21/15 - Our friends over at Union Plus have released a list of discounts available through their car buying service. These discounts, and many more, are available to you by being a dues paying Member. Check out the discounts by clicking here.

Looking for updates regarding Asplundh Tree Negotiations?

09/10/15 - Click on the tab in the upper right labeled "Asplundh Tree Negotiations" for updates.

What did you do during the Labor Day Weekend to support the cause?

09/08/15 - The first Monday in September means the end of summer for some, but for us, it's personal. It's important for us to remember that workers before us bled and died for the Labor rights that we enjoy today. Often, we even take these things granted, forgetting about the sacrifices made to reach a standardized work day, improvements in safety, not to mention a living wage and fair benefits. Just take a look at some of the things our Members were involved in during Labor Day weekend. Click here to see what they were involved in...

Just a reminder for next month's unit meetings...

08/24/15 - Due to the Labor Day holiday, Connersville, Columbus, and Lafayette will be held on September 14th.

As always, you can check the calendar to stay current on unit meeting schedules!

PAC hats are back!

08/20/15 - Now we have two different versions. The original style has been reproduced, and in addition to that, we have a mesh back summer version. Both are pictured below. In order to get one, contact your steward. You'll need to begin or increase an automatic COPE/PAC deduction by as little as one penny per pay period, or may a one time donation of $20. By donating, you are furthering the cause of organized labor and increasing the resources available to seek a favorable legal environment for Unions. It is your opportunity to band together with other Union Members in order to provide a collective voice to our elected officials. Click on the pictures to zoom in.


Union membership offers savings for your vacation, too:

08/19/15 - One of the often unrecognized benefits of Union membership is the discounts that are available to you through Union Plus. If you're in need of a vacation, check out some of the travel discounts available here.

A day of charitable giving and fellowship, by the numbers:

08/15/15The Charity Golf Scramble that was put on by the local's RENEW committee was a huge success! The Local would like to thank Cameron Thomson for leading the effort of putting this event on. Additionally, RENEW members Jerry Smith, Marshall Boyle, and Kyle Shake were instrumental in making this event possible!

We had 14 teams.

Each team had 4 people.

There were 29 attempts to win a car by making a hole in one.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle, donated their winnings to Riley.

A total of $2500 was raised for Riley Children's Foundation!

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the day with us!


On This Day in 1914...

08/05/15 - The world’s first electric traffic signal is put into place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Did you know that we work on these too? We have a three and a half year apprenticeship program to train men and women on how to install, repair, and replace traffic signal equipment. To get started in this career path, simply fill out the "Contact Us" form under the "About Us" section.

Labor Day events in Indiana

08/03/15 - We're participating in several Labor Day events throughout the state this year. For more information, check out the event page here.

Labor Day shirts are now available for order! Order below:

07/10/15 - Click below for the order form and a flyer for the shirts. All checks are to be made out to IBEW Local 1393 and must be sent with the order form to the Union Hall. We will also be ordering a limited quantity of shirts for sale at the Hall. Thanks to R.J. Jines for working on this!

Download IBEW 1393 2015 LABOR DAY T.pdf


How a union saved a worker's job...

06/24/15 - Under Indiana law, an employee has little to no rights to fight back against an over reaching employer unless they have a contract, such as a Collective Bargaining Agreement through a union. Click here for more: http://indy.st/1N5B6pc

We have a new date for the Charity Golf Scramble!

06/22/15 - Join us on August 15, 2015 to benefit the Riley Children's Foundation!

Charity Golf Scramble has been postponed:

06/19/15 - The charity golf scramble has been put on hold due to this weekend's weather. We'll be posting a new date in the future!

Duke Energy Members:

06/08/15 - Log in and go to "Negotiation Updates" to see more information about contract updates.

An update on Brother Mark Hall:

05/15/2015 - We visited with Brother Mark Hall today at Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, IN (the old Wishard Burn Center) and his spirits are high. He has multiple surgeries ahead of him but he is only expected to be in the burn center for another couple of weeks. Brother Hall received injuries to his left arm and lower extremities. He was thankful for the outpouring of support he has received thus far. Mark is a 5th Step Apprentice with us and we greatly look forward to his recovery.


We are a proud member of the National Sisterhood United for Journeymen Lineman and they are in the midst of responding to Mark’s family to provide assistance. By IBEW Local 1393 being a sponsor of the NSUJL, our members are able to receive assistance for themselves and their family following an injury such as this. The NSUJL will consult with Brother Mark and his family to determine what is needed. Also, individually, you can become a member of NSUJL as well to be able to support your fellow Brothers and Sisters in situations such as this. We highly encourage you to check them out at www.nsujl.org.


One of our Members was injured on the job today:

05/13/15 - 7:15PM - Brothers and Sisters, Local 1393 Member Mark Hall was injured on the job today. He was working for L.E. Myers in the Bloomington, IN area. He is presently in surgery and we do not know any further information at this time. We have a Business Agent that is on the way to the hospital and we'll release more information as we have it.


Join us for a charity golf scramble benefiting Riley Children's Foundation!

05/12/15 - Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health is one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals. Expert, family-centered pediatric care is available at Riley for every child who needs it. We've partnered with the Riley Children's Foundation to host a benefit for them at the Elk's Club in Sullivan, IN. Find out more here...


Why we need collective bargaining:


05/01/15 - Read more about it here: http://www.epi.org/publication/benefits-of-collective-bargaining/


04/21/15 - IBEW Local 1393 was originally part of Local #9, which dates back to January 9th, 1892. As Local #9 grew, we were formed on April 21st, 1944 and we were originally known as B-9.

Asplundh Tree Expert Co. and IBEW Local #1393 reached agreement to reinstate three Asplundh employees:

04/13/15 - A settlement was reached with Asplundh Tree Expert Co. regarding three employees that were terminated the day before their election to join the Union. These three employees were assisting the Union in giving Asplundh employees a voice while working on Indiana & Michigan Power property. The settlement will require the Company to reinstate all three employees and giving each of them a settlement payment.

The three employees were terminated by Asplundh for doing side work while off the clock. They were working within the guidelines of Asplundh’s own Employee Handbook regarding side work. Why would Asplundh terminate three employees for doing exactly what is allowed according to their employee handbook?

They each assisted in interpreting and discussing with their coworkers the benefits of joining the Union. We saw this as an intimidation tactic by Asplundh against their employees to keep them from having a voice in their workplace. Employees are protected under certain sections of United States law from employer intimidation when the employees are working towards joining or forming a Union.

We took immediate action to assist these men that were terminated by Asplundh. We went to the National Labor Relations Board and filed what is called an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the Union’s Labor Attorney when we believed that the company is acting illegally during an organizing effort. This is simply one of our tools that we can use to assist future Members who have been are on the receiving end of actions by a company that doesn't have its employees’ best interests in mind. In this case, Asplundh decided to enter into settlement discussions with the Union in exchange for dropping the charges. This is a great victory for Asplundh employees, and a fantastic example of how Union Membership can make a difference for employees.

Union Member Benefit: Get cash back with Union Plus when purchasing a home!

04/13/15 - Just by simply using some real estate services coordnated by our friends over at Union Plus, our Membership is able to get cash back when purchasing a home. Check out the details here.

Our families want us return home safely too.

03/27/15 - Thank you for being cautious and slowing down in our work zones.


Some facts about work zone safety:


It's for your safety too...

03/25/15 - It's important to remember that the amber lights, orange signs and safety cones aren't just for our safety, but for yours as well. We establish an area inside those cones in which only persons authorized are able to enter. We work among many hazards and dangers in our daily work, and setting up a work zone is one of the many ways in which we protect the general public.

Our work zones can happen any day of the week, at any hour, in any weather.


Christmas day, a foot of snow, and there is a gas leak in your neighborhood - We're out there.

A water main break in the busiest street of the city - We're out there.

That thunderstorm that rolled through at 2:30 A.M. on a Saturday morning that knocked out electricity in the area - We're out there.

Wherever you are, we could be too. When you see our trucks and workers, please give us some room. Safety is first and foremost in all that we do. We all have families to go home to when our work is done, just as you do.

We appreciate all drivers being cautious around us!

It's Indiana Work Zone Awareness Week!

03/23/15 - As part of our continuous efforts to bring safety to the forefront of our daily work, this week you'll be seeing posts about Work Zone Awareness. We started getting ready for this late last year with our "Slow Down, Move Over" bumper stickers that have been appearing on utility trucks. Over 95% of our signatories contracts have agreed to place these stickers on their trucks. The aim is to bring awareness to Indiana's Move Over, Slow Down Law as it relates to utility workers and their vehicles:

Move Over, Slow Down Law

To protect emergency and highway personnel, Indiana law requires motorists to approach cautiously when an emergency vehicle is stopped on two or four lane roadways with emergency lights flashing.

Change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if you can do so safely. If not, reduce your speed 10 mph under the posted speed limit and proceed with caution. Motorists should NOT STOP in the roadway, this may cause a chain reaction rear end collision with other vehicles. Do MOVE OVER and/or SLOW DOWN. As you are driving, plan well ahead by watching for these vehicles:
• Police vehicles
• Ambulances
• Fire trucks and rescue equipment
• Highway incident-response vehicles
• Highway maintenance vehicles
• Utility service vehicles (effective July 1, 2010)
• Vehicle recovery equipment (tow trucks)

Violating the law can result in a fine and your license will be suspended up to 2 years if you cause damage to emergency equipment, injury or death to an emergency worker.
Even though Indiana's Move Over Laws state that motorists must move over and yield for only emergency vehicles, drivers should always be courteous to those who are broken down on the shoulder. Give them room so that they can safely repair their vehicles. Be a courteous driver and help prevent tragedies.

New OSHA standards will be going into effect:

03/18/15 - Soon you'll be seeing changes regarding FR Clothing, Fall Protect, and Approach Distances. Read more here.

Negotiations with Duke Energy will be ongoing for this week. Here's a quote for the day:

03/10/15 - "We have come too far, struggled too long, sacrificed too much and have too much left to do, to allow that which we have achieved for the good of all to be swept away without a fight. And we have not forgotten how to fight." - the late Lane Kirkland, former AFL-CIO President.

Duke Energy negotiations update:

02/24/15 - The Union and the Company met today starting at 10:00AM to discuss proposals. See the Member's section of the website for negotiation updates.

Want updates from the local?

02/20/15 - Did you know that you can receive text messages and/or email updates from us? If you're a Member, log in to the website and fill out the appropriate information in "Member Demographics" and you'll be on the list!

Duke Energy negotiations update:

02/18/15 - We have exchanged proposals. You'll need to sign in on our website at the upper right hand corner, then select the "Negotiation Updates" tab. This will only be visible to Members that are Duke Energy employees. In the future, there will be confidential information posted in this area. Please refrain from accessing this area while using a Duke Energy computer, and always be sure to log out of the website when you are done.


02/12/15 - Employees of Asplundh Tree Expert Co. that work on Indiana & Michigan Power property have voted to join IBEW Local 1393! We had 67 votes to join, and 8 votes cast not to join. We will be welcoming 111 Members into our Local!!!

Steven L. Moore will be missed...

02/09/15 - Long time Executive Board Member from Unit 2 (Columbus) has passed away. Click through the link for information on services and memorial contributions.

Have you checked out our Facebook page?

02/03/15 - We're just shy of 500 likes! Check it out at www.facebook.com/IBEW1393.

Been wondering when our unit meetings are?

01/30/15 - Just click on "Calendar" up on top to see the locations and times of upcoming unit meetings.

Have you checked out the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report from the U.S. Department of Labor?

01/28/15 - Fast Fact: The median weekly earnings of a union member was $970 vs a non union worker's median weekly earnings of $763. That's nearly $11,000 per year!

You can read it all here: http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/union2.pdf

Duke Energy Negotiations

01/20/15 - The formulations committee will be meeting over the next couple of days to discuss contract proposals for the upcoming negotiations.

Attention Construction Members

01/15/15 - You are now able to sign the books and submit online. Just use the same links as before from the construction tab across the top of the page.

Duke Energy Negotiations

01/12/15 - The Formulations Committee for the upcoming Duke Energy negotiations have been selected. To view, you must be a Duke Energy Member. Login through the upper right hand corner of the page, then look for the tab labeled "Negoitation Updates" and select the drop down.


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