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Construction Contract Update 2/07/24 9:45 pm.

Please click here to see letter sent by Business Manager, Robert C. Fox on the installation of Driver Facing Cameras by Service Electric. The Local will file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)  over installing these cameras and not bargaining the effects of this mandatory subject of bargaining. The Local will keep you posted as we fight this illegal act by the Company.


Construction Contract Update 1/18/24 12:45 pm.

Please click here to view a letter from Buisness Manager Robert C. Fox regarding Driver-Facing Cameras (DFC)


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 6) 11/22/23 12:33 pm.

Please click here to see the summary of changes outside agreement (6-IBEW-A) 


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 5) 11/01/23 4:35 pm.

The Union and NECA met today for negotiations. Several items were agreed upon, but unfortunately both sides could not come to a final agreement. Some of the things that were agreed to are:

  1. The classification of General Foreman is now recognized as part of the agreement at 115% above Journeyman Lineman rate.
  2. During storm work members will now be paid double time for working while in inclement weather.
  3. Operator language in Section 7.09 remains. A Journeyman Lineman can only operate in the absence of or in agreement with an employee classified as Equipment Operator.

What we did not agree upon today was length of contract, wage, HRA increases and who picks up Lineco increases. NECA final offer-4 years: 1st 3%, 2nd 3%, 3rd 3%, 4th 3.5%. HRA increase of $.05 in the 2nd year. Company would pick up Lineco increases up to $.25 for all 4 years.

Local 1393 final offer-3 years wage: 1st 10%, 2nd 4%, 3rd 4%. HRA increase of $.10 in the 1st year, $.10 in the 2nd year, and $.15 in the 3rd year for a total of $.60 per hour in year 3. Lineco increases in year 1 and 2 picked up by the company (up to $.25 a year). The 3rd year increase picked up by the members. These 4 items will be taken to CIR the week of November 13th – 17th. The Local will update the membership as soon as CIR notifies us of their decision.


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 4) 10/04/23 7:20 pm.

The Union and NECA met today to discuss the contract for the Outside Construction members. The parties had good discussion and have not reached any new agreements. We are scheduled to continue to talk on October 17, 2023.  Keep you posted with more information when available.


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 3) 9/14/23 10:30 am.

Please click here to see the Company proposals. More information when available. 


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 2) 9/13/23 3:45 pm.

The Contractors and Union will be meeting on September 14th to start negotiations.

Please click here to see the Union proposals. More information when available.  


Construction Contract Negotiations Update (# 1) 8/1/23 2:00 pm.

Please click here to view letter from Buisness Manager regarding upcoming contract negotations.

Please click here to take outside construction contract survey



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