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Welcome Future Members

As you're aware, we are in the midst to help you gain the respect and recognition your deserve for your efforts at Area Wide Protective. The Members of IBEW Local 1393 appreciate your efforts for providing us with protection at our job sites and this is our opportunity to assist you. On this page you'll find news updates as we make progress through the process.


9/29/2014 - You will soon get their chance to make your voice heard! An election will be conducted through the mail. On October 28th, the ballots will be sent from the National Labor Relations Board to the employees of Area Wide Protective. Each employee will be asked if they wish to be represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1393. The ballots need be returned to the NLRB. They MUST be received by November 12th, 2014.

09/16/2014 - Today a petition was filed with the National Labor Relations Board to seek representation for you. A majority of you have signed "Authorization for Representation" cards that allow us to proceed through to the next step. As I've told each of you that I've spoken with, this is the process of "industrial democracy" and in the near future there will be a secret vote that will be conducted where you will have further opportunity to exercise the rights that you have to form a union. Between now and that vote, there are common things that happen that I want you to be aware of.

While negative reactions from a company doesn't always happen, I want you to know what to expect from Area Wide Protective, and what they might do. Companies aren't always happy about their employees having a say in whats right and wrong, and can be opposed to their employees having union representation. The reason for that, is because when there are many people speaking as one, it takes away the power that the company holds. 

How does a company fight employees using their right to organize a union? There will likely be rumors, lies, and negative myths spread around about what it's like to be a part of a union. Instead of spending the money on your pay, benefits, and equipment that you use everyday, many companies will hire professional "union busters" and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to manage a campaign against you. They may even threaten you, or hold meetings with each of you or all of you in a group where you'll be forced to listen to their propaganda. They might even try to sway you by promising that things will get better if you vote not to organize. If any of these things happen, please let me know, as there are legal limits as to what they can and cannot do.


Who are we?

IBEW Local 1393 is a 2600 Member strong family, that is part of a 725,000 Member strong union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 1393 represents many of the people that you work with, such as lineworkers at Duke Energy, and many electric line construction companies that proudly use the skilled union workers that we provide.


How can we help you?

By being a part of a unified group, the many voices in the background can be one, loud, collective voice that puts you on equal footing with the bosses at Area Wide Protective. That collective voice provides you the opportunity to have a say in your fate. If you choose to be a part of a union, then you could be working under a contract that is between you, your coworkers, and Area Wide Protective. Furthermore, it's your decision as to what goes into that contract and you get to decide what's right when it comes to things like your wages, benefits, and working conditions.


How do you join?

It's simple - just contact us at 317-791-1362 and let us know that you'd like to a part of IBEW Local 1393.

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