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Giving Back

Rescue in Morgan County

June 2014



I.B.E.W. Local 1393 Members James Hugart and Dan Gaynor arrived on scene to rescue an injured man who was stuck in a tree In Martinsville on the evening of May 19th. The victim was a freelance tree trimmer working alone who was severely injured and unable to get down from the tree.  The man was pinned by a tree limb, and the blood flow was cut off from his legs.  The local fire department called South Central REMC because their fire truck could not fit into the space needed to rescue the injured man.  James Hugart and Dan Gaynor wasted no time in responding to the emergency call. Local 1393 Members arrived on the scene, and immediately assessed the situation.  James Hugart went up into the bucket to rescue the injured person from the tree limb that had him pinned and the rope/harness that was wrapped around the tree.  Hugart was professional and showed quick determination. Hugart spoke to the man and told him what he was going to to do and would have him down shortly. Hugart cut the tree limb, and unwrapped the harness and brought the injured man into the bucket with him, then lowering him to safety where rescue personnel then took over and tended to the injured man.

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