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Labor Day 2015

What did you do during the Labor Day Weekend to support the cause?

09/08/15 - The first Monday in September means the end of summer for some, but for us, it's personal. It's important for us to remember that workers before us bled and died for the Labor rights that we enjoy today. Often, we even take these things granted, forgetting about the sacrifices made to reach a standardized work day, improvements in safety, not to mention a living wage and fair benefits. Just take a look at some of the things our Members were involved in during Labor Day weekend. Everyone you see below took time out of their weekend, to further the cause of Labor in some way.


On Friday, we were in downtown Indianapolis to talk about our Apprenticeship oppotunities:

We setup on Friday morning, at the circle in Indianapolis. It was a blessed day to stand in the shaddow of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. We had the wonderful opportunity to recruit for our Apprenticeships, to educate the public about labor unions, and to show a little bit about what our field personnel do. Thanks to Meade Electric, we were able to show off a truck just like one of those that prospective apprentices would be using. 



On Saturday, we were on Georgia St. in downtown Indianapolis during Labor Fest:

Once again, we were fortunate to host a truck from Meade Electric, and several of our Members from the same company came out, along with a few others. Labor Fest was an opportunity for labor unions that make up the Central Indiana Labor Council to educate the public about our work and the ways that we better other's lives. IBEW Local 1393 had a fantastic location at the intersection of Georgia St. & Meridian St. Georgia St. was closed to vehicles, and we had MANY people walking by and stopping to talk with us. We were able to hoist the Local's flag right at the intersection catching the attention of those driving by on Meridian.




On Monday, approximately 50 of our Members and their families participated in the Petersburg Labor Day Parade:

In Petersburg, Indiana, the Labor Day Association has a long standing tradition of numerous festivities during the weekend. Once again, it's an opportunity to show what a labor union is about, why we're here, and how we can help. The Local purchased toys that were kids' prizes in games run by Charlie Reed. The Membership came out in solidarity to walk in the parade and followed the event with some good food and good times around the table. The Local was presented with the Labor Day Assocatiation Award. This award is given to a group or float the best exemplifies the spirit of the Labor Day Assocatiation.






Also on Monday, IBEW Local 1393 was well represented at the Wabash Valley Central Labor Council:

The Wabash Valley Central Labor Council held an annual banquet in Terre Haute, IN on Monday evening, in which IBEW Local 1393 was awarded as Labor Union of the Year. In addition, Cameron Thomson was in attendance to receive the honor of being named the Union Member of the Year by the Wabash Valley Central Labor Council. Cameron has been a key part in community involvement on behalf of the Local as a part of the RENEW committee, and has been continually involved in union matters in his work place.





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