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Organization & Structure


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is comprised of many smaller entities called Locals. Locals are organized by the type of work that they serve within a given jurisdiction This is done so that there is simple and effective organization amongst the many members of the IBEW. In addition, a Local may be comprised of many units, which can be formed by geographic location, employer, or the type of work.  Local 1393 is comprised of 12 units and we represent work throughout Indiana in the following industries:

  • Cable Television
  • Line Clearance/Tree Trimming
  • Telephone
  • Utilities
  • Outside Construction



The way that Local 1393 operates is largely based on democracy. We aim to bring democracy and a collective voice, to your workplace. We conduct ourselves in the same manner. Most positions within the Local are elected amongst your fellow Members. Many of the officers listed below do Union activities in addition to their skilled trade. We are all thankful for the hard work they endure.



Business Manager / Financial Secretary: Robert C. Fox

President: Troy Amerman

Vice President: Gregg Madden

Recording Secretary: Rick Byrer

Treasurer: Michael Trowbridge

Executive Board Members:

     Unit 1: Kenny Duncan

     Unit 2: Austin Kent

     Unit 3: Melissa Minasian

     Unit 4: Cris Walker

     Unit 5: Chuck Owens

     Unit 6: Allen Rednour

     Unit 7: Tim Overman

     Unit 8: Shane Jenkins

     Unit 9: Brent Lewis

     Unit 10: Danny Clodfelter

     Unit 11: Stan Phillips

     Unit 12: Tyler Gardiner

Business Agents:

     Randy Gardiner

     Phil Jennings

     Alex Van Donselaar

     Chris Wilson

     Zachary Kolb

     Michael Trowbridge



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